Odeum improves critical thinking, engagement, and builds real connections to History by immersing students into 3D Virtual Worlds. Odeum combines research based learning methods with the latest in 3D immersive technology to create an efficient platform for student learning.


I'm often confronted with the question about adding process to a small software development team of a Startup. It seems to be a common myth that adding process to a small team hampers the speed and pace at which developers must develop to quickly get a product to market at a startup.

This fast-track article applies Intelligent Tutor Systems (ITS) design patterns and learning strategies to the development of a computer-assisted language learning system for learning Chinese. The program, called CILT, uses current linguistic pedagogy and a knowledge model-view architecture to act as an intelligent tutor capable of adjusting its curricula on-the-fly to meet the needs of its students.


Below are the projects I've been honored
to lead technical teams to build.

warehouse_hololensView More

HoloLens for Logistics

Improved warehouse training and picking speed by combining a digital twin with a HoloLens to give users an overlay of the route and items to pick.

store_capsule_verticalView More

Hua Mulan: A Chinese Learning Adventure

Led team to build an immersive 3D RPG game where you learn Chinese by being immersed into ancient China and taking on quests to help Hua Mulan battle the evil Shadows of the Past. Available on Steam.

Interior of supermarket full of grocery items in rows with shelf displayedView More
Big Data

CPG Data Analysis Platform

Led a team to create a big data platform for drastically increasing consumer product goods (CPG) data acquisition using Machine Learning (ML) and transforming terabytes of data into a model for data mining.

Immersive-GamesView More

3D Game-Based Learning Authoring Tool

Led team to build an eLearning platform allowing anyone to create quest based 3D role-playing games.

AR_for_readingView More

AR Games for Learning and Distraction

Led engineering using Unity3D and Vuforia on a children's Augmented Reality app for learning about medical procedures and as a distraction tool for pain management in hospitals.

UsingAR-1-e1508779682766View More

AR Haunted House

Created an app using Apple ARKit to turn a space into a haunted house complete with triggers, traps, and jump scares. On the iOS store.

forgeView More
Unreal Engine


Led engineering to built an arena-style PVP game that uses MMO style abilities. Available on Steam.

MathDefenseView More

Math Tower Defense Game for IOS

Built a tower defense game where you use math to build your towers.

gameslamView More


Led team to build a mobile game where you can predict sports plays as they happen and compete against friends. Won ESPNs "Best New Sports App" of the year award.


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