Odeum: Role-Playing History

Odeum improves critical thinking, engagement, and builds real connections to History by immersing students into 3D Virtual Worlds. Odeum combines research based learning methods with the latest in 3D immersive technology to create an efficient platform for student learning.

Odeum was built iteratively through customer discovery. This means we built close connections with the teachers who would use Odeum and constantly tested using their feedback to guide the development. Each iteration contained the following

  • Interview Customer
  • Integrate Feedback into Development
  • Test build with Customer

This allowed us to quickly pivot the design ensuring the product was usable in the market once development was complete. If you would like me to do the same for your idea then please contact me.

iOS: Math Defense

Math drills can be boring, even apps that try to gamify the experience. In this iOS/Android mobile app aimed at 6-10 year olds students play a tower defense game where they energize towers by solving math drills. Aliens have landed and you must stop them by using their own technology against them.

Math Defense uses a Freemium pricing model. The addition pack is free, but subtraction, multiplication, and division tables must be purchased separately as In App Purchases.